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chana ji

Chana showed sideways movement all the day broke its important resistance level of 6100. Now if it maintains above 6120 then 6160 will be next resistance level. And on lower side 6040 will act as major support level.


dhaniya ji

Dhaniya showed sideways trend and formed head and shoulder pattern on 30 min chart. Now on higher side 6925 will act as important resistance level above which it will pull towards the resistance level of 7050 On lower side some bearishness drag towards the support level of 6800.

soybean oil ji

Soyabean showed sideways movement all the day and correction on higher side take it towards the resistance level of 3965. Now if it sustains below 3920 then 3875 will be next support level. And on higher side 3965 will act as major resistance level.

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