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30 March


Volatile markets end flat; Nifty ends below 8500.

Markets open in a positive territory on the last day of the financial year 2014-15 fresh buying is seen in pharma and oil stocks but could not sustain on higher level fall sharply in last trading hour led by index heavyweights as well as banking stocks.

Nifty, Sensex ends flat, nifty ended lower by 1.30 points at 8,491 while Sensex slipped by 18.37 points at 27,957.49


  • Shares of OMCs were in demand today; IOC gains, BPCL hits fresh high on NSE.
  • Kiri Industries gains as much as after board approved allotment of cumulative non convertible redeemable preference shares to Tata Capital Financial Services Limited.
  • Tata Power gains after SC ruled that companies can use argument of change in international law to charge higher tariff.
  • Tata Motors extended its previous day gains and ended higher by nearly 3.5%.
  • Shares of Strides Arcolab (STAR) gains on hopes key drug will gain US market share.
  • Cipla gains on the back of block deal.
  • ITC  dips on the back of huge volumes.


  • Financial Tech gains as much as after company proposed a settlement plan to meet obligations of the Rs 5,600 crore payment default of NSEL (National Spot Exchange Ltd).
  • Mastek surged 10 percent after its subsidiary received or listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
  • Shares of Reliance gains after rating agency (Morgan Stanley) upgraded stock rating to overweight from underweight.
  • Dr.Reddy’s gains on hopes of a faster resolution of US FDA observations at the Srikakulam plant.
  • Videocon stock gains ahead of satellite television arm’s NASDAQ listing.
  • Shares of Just Dial moved higher on stake buy as Goldman Sachs buy 2.7% stake in the company.
  • Infy gains in early trades as CLSA raise its target to Rs 2800 from Rs 2500 with Buy rating.
  • IOC gains as much as on hopes of new order win by company.
  • Zen Tech gains on reports that company will introduce 5 new products in coming fiscal year.


  • ONGC dips as company has driven a hard bargain to renew its insurance and re-insurance covers.
  • ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank had cut rates by upto 0.25 percent on high value fixed deposit on select maturities (a move that could be a precursor to lower lending rates.) Stocks fall 2%.
  • State Bank of India has informed that company is about to divest 10 percent stake in SBI Life.


  • Sintex EQ consolidate after the early gains, more buying is expected if it will give breakout of its today’s high i.e. of 121.60, Channel also seen in the daily charts which also indicate fresh buying from here. So, buy above 121.60 targets 122.80/124/125.20 maintain SL of 120.
  • KRBL EQ was trading near its all time high could not breach it and ends near it. Further stock may test its new high. Buy above 170 targets 171.70/173.40/175.15 SL 168.


  • European shares were steady to today as concerns over ongoing Greece bailout discussions continued to dominate trader’s attention.
  • Asian gains after a rally on Wall Street and steps by China to shore up its economy boosted risk appetite while Greek debt worries again haunted the sagging euro.

More About Stock Trading Tips

The Stock market trading has the potential to bring in more money for you, but at the similar time it takes along with it a little bit of risk as well. Really, you could end up losing everything that you invested if you be unsuccessful to invest it intelligently, so previous to you do any kind of trading in general or stock trading it would surely be a superior idea to spend more and more time to learn more about how to do it correctly. To learn about valuable strategies and tips like free Stock Tips, Option Tips and Commodity Tips etc. which segment you are dominating of the stock market could help you to make a great amount of money from your investments.

A quick look at the different options that you have when it comes to investing in the stock market will make known to you that there are ample of ways to do this. One important thing that you should know all about stock trading is that it is an area that not everybody will be successful in. Out of the lot of people who pick to buy stocks, only some of them are going to be making a handsome amount of money. As you know, it is very essential to learn how to trade on the stock market the accurate way; hence as to avoid losing money that you put on the stock market.

One important thing that many stock market experts will tell you is to invest in a wide range of different commodities. Always keep a very diverse and broad portfolio of stocks to trade in will make it very simple to make handsome amount of profits. If you invest all in one commodity market, then if that commodity loses value you will end up losing more money, while if you are investing in various commodities you can be definite that your stocks will maintain to increase over time barring a few incredible economic tragedies.

If you want to learn how to navigate the stock market with comfort you will get it much simpler to avoid making mistakes when you are seated. There are lots of excellent stocks that you can invest in, and they have the likely to get in handsome amount of profit for you. The important key to victory with a trading gag in how well you’re trading plan things and when you pick to invest. It is not always very simple to know if a stock is going to lose value or gain in value, and this is really one of the causes why a lot of people use stock brokers to help them to manage their investments.

Another important thing to remember that it is generally considered a very safe and secure bet to invest in the stock market over the short term or long term that is a confirmed track record of regularity basis. For instance, if you invest in a well known company that has been approximately for a long time and is continuing to expand and raise profits, then you can be confident that your stocks will come to pay off in the long run. Always trust these details in mind will definitely will help to earn you profits and help you to avoid making any bad investments when it comes to stock trading.

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Stock Investing Tips

 Always Keep It Easy.

Always Keep it easy in investing in the stock market is not stupid. This is exactly to explain the process of market investing.

Those traders who market trade too often, always focus on unrelated data, or always try to guess the unpredictable are expected to encounter a few UN relevant surprises when you are investing. By always keeping it very easy—Always focus on good companies with economic moats, need a margin of safety when investing and buying with a long-term you can very much improve your odds of success. Trifid Research will always give you very easier process for all traders also give you excellent free Stock Tips and Option Tips.

Have the right Expectations.

Are you receiving into stocks with the proper expectation that speedy riches? Hate to be a damp blanket, but apart from you are very lucky, you will not twice your money in the next year investing in stocks. Such returns generally can’t be realized if don’t you take on a huge deal of risk by, for example, buying widely on margin or taking a good effort on a more risky security purpose. At this point, you have crossed the line from investing into guessing.

Via stocks has in the past been the highest-return asset class, this means returns in the 10 per cent -12 per cent range. These returns have also come with a good market deal of volatility market. If you don’t know the right expectations for the market returns and instability you will experience when you are investing in the stock market, foolish behavior–taking on big risk in contract rich speedy strategies, trading too much, oath of stocks always forever because of a short-term loss–may proceed.

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Tune Out the Noise.

There are a lot of media exit competing for attention of market investors, and many of them focus on justifying and presenting daily price movements of different markets. This means many prices– money prices, stock prices, oil prices, frozen orange juice concentrate prices– together by many guesses about why share prices will vary. Sorry to say, the share price changes rarely represent any real value change. Rather, they simply represent instability, which is vested to any open online market. Tuning out this noise will not only provide you more time, it wills lots of help you to focus on what’s essential to your investing success.

As you know a lot of investors are still focused on the fame contests that happen all time, and then raise frustrated as the stocks of their companies–which may have rising businesses–never move. Keep your focus and be patient on a company’s performance. In time, the market will be familiar with and accurately value the cash flows that your make businesses produce.


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