Select Good Stock And Get Big Profit

The new financial sector has started. In such a condition the investor will be looking for stocks that give good returns. Although choosing such stock is not simple, with the option of good income and the risk is also very low. There are some stocks in the rising and falling of the stock market whose fundamentals are strong and valued at the same time as the valuation is irreversible. With the exception of Expert, we are talking about 5 such stocks, which can give returns of 24 to 106%. Some of these stocks can also prove to be multi-baggers for you. Free Stock Trading Tips and get big profit.

Multibagger means stocks that have amplified by more than 100 percent. First of all, these words were used by the stock market expert in his book ‘One Up on Wall Street’. This expert was a big fan of baseball. In baseball, bags are used in informal language for the base. 2 base hits are measured double bagger and 4 basses as Four Badger or Home Run. Lynch combined the same word with stocks performing in the stock market. Along with this, Tenbanger stocks first appeared. That is, stock giving 10 times returns compared to their acquire price.


According to the Market Expert, in 1 to 2 years, this stock can get income up to Rs.1100. Thus, it can return the present price of Rs 537 it is equal to the 104%.

Market Expert said that the fundamentals of this company are looking improved. Last month, the stock touched the 52-month elevated level. During the quarter ended December, the company’s net earnings tripled to Rs 6.40 crore.


According to universal, NELCO stock can stroke the level of 350 rupees in 1-2 years. At present price of Rs 170, this is more than 100% returns.

Share market expert said Nelco, Tata Group Company and the stock in February to touch the maximum level of his 10 years. The company is capable to offer solutions to its enterprise and government customer sectors of the integrated security and surveillance, VSAT connectivity, managed services, sitcom projects and Meteorological Solutions.

First Sours

According to the market expert, in 1-2 years this stock can get a level of Rs. 110. At the current price of Rs 55, this is similar to 100% returns.


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