The Art of Stock Market Trading

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Golden Rules for Stock Market Trading

Market Trading Divide your Capital Risk into 10 Equal Parts.

The Stock Market Trading is the part of the Successful money management, it is always recommend dividing your Capital Risk (which you can afford with money, lose) into 10 equal Parts and at some given time none of your Single Trade at stock market should have more than three parts of your capital in it even if you are in a successful position. At the similar time always keeps little spare money for any purchasing Opportunity, which might come any time in the market.

Stock Market Trade ONLY in high and active Volume Futures/ Stocks.

A lot of traders get stuck with stocks for would like of liquidity. Constantly keep faith upon Stocks which have reasonably high volume over an era of time. High Volume is constantly advised for simple Entry, Exit and Stop Loss. In low stock’s volume the increase is too high and possibility of limit Stop Loss getting unsuccessful is too high as there would be no seller or Buyer at your Stop Loss Level.

Be Prepared with a Trading Plan

Winning traders always keep their best trading Plans ready previous to entering into any transactions. One should prepare a Probable candidates or Watch List for Intraday (Day’s) trading and continue focusing on the market movement of those stocks only. For instance a Stock ‘X’ is on the edge of a Bullish Breakout from at all pattern or stock ‘Y’ has declined substantially after an earlier sharp move upward or stock ‘Z’ is close to an essential support level. Winning trader would focus on the market movement of those stocks only and enter the trade as soon as stock ‘X’ provides the anticipated breakout or stock ‘Y’ begins a move upward or stock ‘Z’ breaks the support level to initiate a trade for fast gains.

If you have not enough time to watch market don’t trade itself just contact best free Stock Tips, Option Tips, Nifty Tips, Currency Tips and many more. What segment do you trade?

Don’t Over Trade

This is the very regular mistake committed by market traders, mainly after a Streak of successful Trades. This mistake usually not only cleans off the entire profits, but puts traders in big losses. In order to continue to market while making regular Profits, under no situations, traders should go beyond their Capital Risk.

Market Trade in 2 to 4 Stocks at a time with exacting Stop Loss.

In a Bull market movement, most of the stocks go up and equally in any Bear Move, most of the stock moves southwards. While a market trader you know this reality but can you purchase 20 Stocks and try to make more profit in all the 20 stocks now because all are moving upward or falling downward in a Down trend? What will happen if the market turns around without any sign on any current bad news? Would you be able to watch the entire your trades in such market situation? Successful and Smart trader would trade in 2 to 4 stocks with exacting Stop Loss and keep an exacting pageantry to avoid any bad luck in case of any prospect.

Sell Short as Oft as you go long.

More than 90 per cent of regular Traders/ investors are ‘Bulls’ by nature. Because they love to observe prices moving upward only. Stocks are purchased by financial institutions/ anybody/ corporate/Mutual Funds to make profit on go up. They have big holdings and mentally they pray and wish for the market to go up only. But truths are different. The past shows that Bull stages have very small duration that Bear phases. So every stock that goes upward will retrace back to 38 per cent, 50 per cent and 66 per cent. Since 90 per cent trader or investors are Bulls by heart they normally don’t book profit at upper levels to again enter later at lower levels instead they prefer to raise their portfolio at lower levels. Winning Traders know how to capitalize such improvement. They are always ready to go ‘Short’ as often as they trade on ‘Long’ side.

Never Trade if you are not clear.

A lot of Traders, because of their daily routines trade even when there are no signals to purchase or shortly. Generally such situation reaches after a sharp increase or fall down when stocks are adjusting their values. While a few stocks attempt to go up, some may be taking breather previous to the next move. Such situation is often confusing. There is no damage in taking a rest for a day or short period or two if the trend is choppy, doubtful or unclear, instead of putting your money at top risk.

Never expect Profit on each Trade.

If you think you are an intelligent or smart trader who can make profit on each trade, you are 100 per cent wrong. Trifid Research is a SEBI Registered and Crisil Verified company he will give you 80 to 85 % accuracy level like Stock Tips, Option Tips, Nifty Tips, Forex Tips and many more. Always be accepting the truth as soon as you understand that you are on the incorrect side of the trade. Just get out of the trade don’t change your strategy during the market; it may because you double losses

Leave a portion of your profits.

The stock market trading business is outstanding as long as you are making profits. Different from your other business losses can be infinite and quick if the market does not move as per your prospects. While in other businesses you may have other remedial measures available, but in stock trading, it is you only who has to manage it. Traders have big egos, especially after series of winning trades and their tendency to extend commitments in over assuredness may cause a major financial setback. Hence it is must that trader must take a segment of the profit and put it in a separate account. This is completely must for long term constancy in the market.

Find out Stock Trading Strategies

Selecting between different stock market trading strategies can be a hard decision. If you want to accurately stock trading tips to just go Trifid Research that will give you better tips like Stock Tips, Commodity Tips, Option Tips, Nifty Tips and many more.

In this segment I will briefly go over a few of the most common types I have come across over the years. It’s an excellent idea to make itself familiar with numerous different types, and then choose which one’s you find work most excellent for you.

The different types of stock trading strategies you select are part of your whole stock trading plan. They are a special focus that you can use to narrow down your picking for stock selection.

 By using an exacting strategy which includes research tools at your removal such as depth fundamental analysis or technical analysis, you can raise your chance of success. Trifid Research will provide daily call by the help of depth fundamental analysis or technical analysis related to Stock, Commodity, Equity and Forex market.

As many people who invest for the long term with a few types of Buy and Hold strategy, the following instances are geared more towards Short Term Trading or Investing but often can be applied to longer term situations as well. Read more about Short Term Trading or Investing like Stock Tips, Commodity Tips, Option Tips, Nifty Tips and many more here and also find stock trading strategy.

Make sure to check out a new addition, daily market updates by the help of excellent support and resistance level, which will be updated around 9:00 AM. Monday to Friday and also update next week report on Saturday with a look at what’s going on in the stock and commodity markets.

Diversification with moneymaking Results: Never Now expects to diversify and sit back while the profits roll in, then making a few adjustments along the way to increase potential profits.

Momentum Stock Trading: Sometimes called market trend trading, this type of trading is based on doing good research and sectors or finding stocks that are moving in a direction with a few sort of strength.

Buy Hot Stocks: looking for which stocks are hot, and which are not.

How to know a Breakout: Initially setups which momentum traders love.

Penny Stock Trading: Stock trading low priced securities with a little market capitalization usually priced under $10.00 each share.

What Are Penny Stocks? An introduction into different definitions you may come across as researching penny stock trading in common.

Early to know How To Trade Penny Stocks: Few brief, essential points about this type of trading.

Advantages of Penny Stock Trading: To know about both the advantages and pitfalls is highly recommended previous to making your first low-priced stock trade.


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